Vision & Mission

The society aims at Rural upliftment with the spread of quality education. To materialize the objectives the society has already started Hari Om Shiv Om Public School at Radaur, in which a quality education being imparted and the down trodden, under privileged groups of the Society are given preferences and their interests are cared of.

The management has felt great need in the achievement of the objectives in the form of availing the quality teachers and it has been identified that to procure quality teachers one cannot wait for sister organizations and stagnant out dated teacher training institutions.

So it has been considered as the most appropriate and effective step to start a teacher training college of its own where the quality teachers are supposed to be produced.

Secondly, the need of rural masses and areas are required to be cared and the demands of such institution is to be Cherished.

Hari Om Shiv Om College of Education is affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and approved from NCTE, Jaipur