About Us

It is just over a few years ago, when some eminent personalities had gathered together for a discussion with a purpose which soon caught up the idea to use their resources to form an organization which cater to the growing needs of the public in the Educational field. Feverish consultations took place on the following few days. Other meaningful friends were roped in to accepting the idea and Society was Established. As per the registered deed the objectives of the Society are:

To introduce any possible improvement in the system of education in its institutions from time to time.
To undertake and carry out any step calculated to promote the cause of education. To promote educational, cultural and welfare activities for promotion of the objectives stated above.
Majority of the founding members strived hard with a missionary zeal. They started meeting people and explained the loadable ideas of the society, and enlisted the support of a large number of people. Friends and relatives joined in and the number of life members thus increased.
Teaching and non-teaching staff was recruited. The college building has been built up and the due care has been given to uplift the standard and infrastructure of the college.
The managing committee is assisting in the efficient discharge of duties. The purchase committee is in charge of acquiring necessary equipment and other facilities.